Growth Dimension Launches New Website And Boone County Anthem Video

Growth Dimension Launches New Website And Boone County Anthem Video Main Photo

14 Nov 2013

Growth Dimensions Launches New Website

and Boone County Anthem Video

Growth Dimensions is pleased to announce the launch of its new cutting-edge website: The new site is designed to showcase the character of Boone County and its business community. The website also includes the professionally produced video entitled Boone County Anthem.

Belvidere-Boone County is strategically located in relation to major expanding markets for goods, services and suppliers. The area is part of the budding I-39 and I-90 Logistics corridor, close to major employment centers and is served by interstates, rail and air service.  Boone County is the heart of the Midwestern industrial belt and is only one hour from Chicago. 

Major corporations in automotive, food processing, and manufacturing grow and prosper in Boone County, including Chrysler, General Mills, Dean Foods, Grupo Antolin, Franklin Display Group and others.

The new website, a virtual repository for economic development information for Boone County, offers a streamlined user experience. The new sleek and vivid site features pages covering topics of: Business Growth, Workforce Development, Community Living, as well as News and Events. Other important components include demographic, labor and educational statistics, maps, current images, featured sites and buildings, and information on incentives such as the Belvidere-Boone County Enterprise Zone. The site enables the user to easily access all of this useful and timely information in a clear-cut and organized format. The website was designed with the mobile visitors in mind, automatically adjusting itself to fit different screen widths to accommodate computers, tablets, and mobile phones.

Then Boone County Anthem video weaves together business, workforce, and the quality of life in Boone County to tell the story of why this is a great place to live, work, and play. We invite you to view and share the video. Growth Dimensions is committed to being Boone County’s biggest champion and will continue to tell its story and the many stories of the businesses and people in the community.

“The website and the video are tools that demonstrate Growth Dimension’s commitment to economic development in Boone County. They will serve as important resources to those seeking to learn about doing business here as well as how to do it,” stated Growth Dimensions Executive Director, Kelly Galluzzo.


 Established in 1979, Growth Dimensions provides a progressive and cooperative environment which improves the quality of life by fostering economic opportunity and personal growth. With economic development partners throughout Belvidere-Boone County, Growth Dimensions is advancing a coordinated economic development strategy to create jobs, promote community assets and stimulate capital investment through business retention and attraction efforts.