Invest in Economic Development

At Growth Dimensions, we are committed to providing the greatest impact and value with your contribution.  We will continue to be transparent and diligent in our efforts to place our region in the best position possible for business expansion and economic growth.

Why Invest in Economic Development

Your contribution directly impacts Boone County's economic future and is critical to our continuing mission to promote Belvidere, Boone County and our region. Growth Dimensions continues to expand services to our business community through strategic partnerships, enhanced processes and access to to essential services and information.

Your Investment Makes Great Things Happen

The events of recent years have brought a greater focus on economic vitality across the nation. Our Investors have afforded Boone County the ability to face challenges head on and persevere in the face of adversity.

What follows is an overview of how Growth Dimensions Economic Development, Boone County and the region continue to move onward and upward.


Business Acquisition & Expansion

In 2022 and 2023, Growth Dimensions worked with 136 projects. These projects consisted of potential new businesses or businesses interested in increasing their footprint.  Of these, there were 98 Enterprise Zone projects submitted, creating more than $481 million in investments.


Job Market

A robust job market not only reduced unemployment but also contributes to economic growth, improved living standards and overall society well-being. 

Growth Dimensions focuses on growing the job market through government policies, private sector initiatives and individual efforts.



A growing business depends on their greatest asset, their workforce. It begins with the training and education that shapes current and future skills.

Growth Dimensions Economic Development works with local school districts, colleges, universities, and workforce development agencies to foster and grow the area's workforce.


Entrepreneur Start-Up and Development

In 2020, Growth Dimensions developed the Venture Program. This program was designed to provide resources and education opportunities to new & existing entrepreneurs. Partnering with local and regional organizations provided the opportunity to expand resources to include FastTrac, COMPASS, ACE, and the Innov8 & Cre8 Podcast.

Since its inception, the Venture Program has seen 28 entrepreneurs graduate from the FastTrac Entrepreneur Training.


Ongoing Economic Development Initiatives

One of Growth Dimensions’ top goals is business attraction. Through strategic priorities and initiatives, we will:

  • Market Boone County as a great place to Live, Work & Play.
  • Collaborate with our investors and partners, to sustain economic development to enhance economic vitality by providing value-added benefits to further Boone County priorities.
  • Engage with local, state and federal leaders, to support Illinois’ competitiveness to provide a robust incentive program to attract and retain businesses.
  • Resolve to work towards better and efficient access to infrastructure, such as data, water, sewer, freight and more.
  • Be a conduit for businesses to access leaders, resources and networks.

Thank You To Our Investors

We look forward to our continued relationship with our investors. Through your support, we are able to make great things happens.  Thank you!

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