Invest in Economic Development

pam fettesAt Growth Dimensions, we are committed to providing the greatest impact and value with your contribution.  We will continue to be transparent and diligent in our efforts to place our region in the best position possible for business expansion and economic growth.

Your contribution directly impacts Boone County's economic future and is critical to our continuing mission to promote Belvidere, Boone County and our region. Growth Dimensions continues to expand services to our business community through strategic partnerships, enhanced processes and access to to essential services and information.


Local Economic Development Impact


  Capitals Investments

 Applications processed through Growth Dimensions have led to new construction and renovation projects totaling more than $575,000,000 in Belvidere and Boone County Investments.

  Job Creation

Over the last three years, Boone County has seen an increase in job creation. Growth Dimensions continues to work with local school administrators and non-profits to create workforce readiness programs.

  Real Estate

   More than 700,000 square feet of commercial and industrial space has been added in Boone County, since 2016.

  New Businesses

   Plus, an additional 45 businesses improved their current footprint and 15 new industrial sites.


   Business Development contacts made through networking in and out of the region, state and U.S.


  Major Projects

  Projects over $1,000,000 and/or 100 jobs qualify as a Major Project.


Our Commitment to our Investors


  • Increase the utilization of services available to our investors.
  • Collaborate with regional partners to maximize efficient delivery services.
  • Enhance networking opportunities, resulting in business expansion and retention.
  • Proactively connect businesses with essential services, education and workforce solutions.
  • Deliver reliable economic development data and information.
  • Communicate tangible results from investments in our region.
  • Establish and foster valuable relationships with developers and site selectors for potential new projects.
  • Market Boone County's great assets.


Thank you for your support,

Pamela Lopez-Fettes