Focusing on Manufacturing

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26 Apr 2021


At Growth Dimensions Economic Development, we are often asked why we focus so much energy on Manufacturing. The simple answer's worth it.

Did you know?

It takes two Manufacturing Jobs to create one additional job in the economy compared to the Retail Industry where it would take five jobs to create one additional job in the economy.

Not only does manufacturing result in more added jobs, it also creates higher earnings for workers.

The Truth is in the Numbers

2021 Indirect Jobs Added by Industry per Retail Employee

2021 Indirect Jobs Added by Industry per Manufacturing Employee


Average Personal Income Over Time

Average Total Earnings by Place of Work



While we actively seek Manfacturers, it can take months or even years to secure sought-after companies or to expand an existing company. There are unique challenges when manufacturers are looking to expand or relocate. That is why Growth Dimensions Economic Development takes a holistic view at Boone County's workforce pipeline, quality of life, education, and much more.

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