Automotive Innovation Network

Automotive Innovation Network Main Photo

26 Mar 2021

As the automotive hub for Northern Illinois, Belvidere and Boone County are positioned as a prime location to expand innovations and technology for automotive manufacturers and suppliers. In order to further this initiative, Growth Dimensions Economic Development launched the Automotive Innovation Network (AIN), in 2020.

The AIN will work with automotive-focused companies, organizations and leaders to establish an ongoing plan that will address:

Workforce Solutions

We will invite workforce organizations to the table to identify key factors in workforce recruitment, attainment and retainment.



Training Challenges

Establishing relationships between the automotive sector, educational sector and workforce sector is a key component in developing a skilled workforce. Through networking opportunities, AIN will bring these groups together for meaningful and productive conversations to advance current workforces and develop the next generation of automotive workers. 


Supply Chain Efficiencies

Work with automotive manufacturers and suppliers, such as Stellantis and Magna, to compliment their efforts of supply chain needs and utilize their expertise to improve efficiencies surrounding that chain.


Innovative Ideas

Continued advancement in automobiles brings challenges and opportunities. From hybrid to autonomous to electric, auto manufacturers and suppliers need to quickly adapt to consumer needs and government requirements. The AIN will work as a conduit to bring together all applicable parties to further discussions around innovation and place Boone County and the region at the forefront of technology.


Growth Dimensions Economic Development aims to make AIN the regional, go-to group for the auto industry leaders. If you are interested in learning more about the Automotive Innovation Network, please reach out to Pamela Lopez-Fettes at 815-547-4252.