Belvidere Production Boosts Chrysler Sales Momentum

Belvidere Production Boosts Chrysler Sales Momentum Main Photo

4 Dec 2013

Chrysler Group LLC reported its U.S. sales in November grew 16 percent compared from 2012, helped again by the trio of vehicles built at its Belvidere assembly plant.

In November, dealers sold 142,275 Chrysler vehicles versus 122,565 in November 2012. Of the total sales, 15,181 were from its Belvidere products — the Dodge Dart, Jeep Compass and Jeep Patriot. That was 33 percent more than November 2012 and it marked the 13th straight month that sales of the trio of Belvidere-assembled vehicles were at least 25 percent higher than the year before.

Chrysler employs about 4,500 people at its Belvidere plant, making it the largest local employer in the Rock River Valley. More than 1,500 work at supplier plants nearby.

Through November, dealers have sold 197,047 Darts, Compasses and Patriots. That’s the most sales of Belvidere-built vehicles since 1997, which was the early days of the Dodge and Plymouth Neon.

Each of the three Belvidere-produced vehicles have already set an annual sales record this year.

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