5 Reasons to Locate Your Business in Boone County, Illinois

5 Reasons to Locate Your Business in Boone County, Illinois Main Photo

25 Mar 2022


If you're business is ready to relocate or expand, choose a location in a Global Business Hub with world-class advantages in a business-friendly environment.

Here are 5 Reasons to Choose Boone County, Illinois.



Your business is booming and you've outgrown your current location.

Boone County, Illinois has sites and buildings to meet your company's ever-growing need for space. With existing industrial buildings, retail shops, and sites ready for development, you're sure to find the perfect spot to relocate or expand your business.



You're seeking a skilled and available workforce.

Boone County attracts a workforce of more than 780,000 within a 45-minute drive. In addition, Rock Valley College recently opened its Advanced Technology Center, in the heart of the County, providing the tools and education needed to enhance the locally trained, skilled workers.



Moving products from coast-to-coast is essential to your company's success.

Located in the Heartland of the United States, Boone County offers quick access to rail, road and air, to move your products quickly and efficiently. In turn, you are able to receive timely shipments, in order to keep your business up and running.



Receiving incentives and savings is critical to your bottom line. 

Boone County and the State of Illinois offer numerous incentives to relocate and expand your business. 

  • Properties located within Belvidere-Boone County's Enterprise Zone may be eligible for sales tax exemptions on building materials, property tax abatements, discounts on building permits, and more. 
  • Boone County has a designated Opportunity Zone which offers investors a way to reinvest capital gains into distressed communities in exchange for a graduated series of incentives tied to long-term holdings.

View the Enterprise Zone and Opportunity Zone Map*

*Yellow overlay indicates Enterprise Zone. Red overlay indicated Opportunity Zone.

  • Companies in Boone County and across Northern Illinois can apply to become a Foreign Trade Zone (FTZ) or subzone through FTZ Rockford and the Greater Rockford Airport Authority.  If approved, the business may see benefits to cash flow, supply-chain timelines and inventory control. Learn more about FTZ #176, HERE!
  • In 2021, Illinois passed the Reimagining Electric Vehicles in Illlinois (REV) tax credit program. REV offers competitive incentives to expand in or relocate to Illinois for companies that manufacture Electric Vehicles (EV) or EV parts, as well as EV charging stations. Learn more about REV.




Your business and employees need a place they can call home.

Boone County is a true gem of the midwest. With its rich history, agricultural heritage and business-friendly environment, the County sets the example of nature and industry successfully coexisting.

Its close proximity to major metropolitan areas, allows for quick access to unique shopping experiences, world-class dining and renowned sports and entertainment. Plus, with three major, international airports less than an hour away, you can be off on a great adventure or business trip without the stress of a long-distance drive. 

The low cost of living, job opportunities, and eclectic shops & restaurants provide a comfortable environment to live, work and play.



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