Business Attraction and Retention: Keeping Illinois Competitive

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29 Jun 2021


Recently, Growth Dimensions Economic Development, with the assistance from our Legislative Committee, drafted and sent a letter to Governor JB Priztker and local, state and federal officials on the importance of keeping Illinois competitively advantaged, as we work to attract and retain businesses in the State of Illinois.  

We have been fortunate, since sending the letter, to engage in conversations with local and state leaders, as we represent Boone County, its current businesses and potential businesses. 

We urge our partners to reach out to your local representatives, as well, urging them to meet and work with existing businesses to ensure they remain within the state. Additionally, reminding them of the importance and economic benefits of attracting new and diversified businesses and industries to our area. Please feel free to use the template, below, or draft and send a letter unique to your business or industry.

Growth Dimensions Economic Development's letter can be read, below.

June 2021


To Whom it May Concern:


As the global economy sees a shortage in workforce and production, Boone County and northern Illinois are experiencing lasting economic impacts.

With states competing to attract, expand and retain businesses, we are ardently working to ensure that longstanding businesses and new ventures are given equitable resources and incentives for sustainability and growth in Illinois.

It is imperative to competitively position Illinois to attract new industries, as well as reward businesses who have contributed significantly to the State’s success. These businesses are economic drivers and positioned for growth adding new technology and infrastructure in the region and throughout the State. With aggressive tools and communication, Illinois can complete with other states in the Midwest and beyond.

Exponentially relevant to the Boone County and region’s economy, the automotive industry has proven to be an economic catalyst for nearly six decades. Automotive plants and suppliers have invested billions of dollars into local and state economies, while providing thousands of jobs, a skilled workforce and millions of dollars in local and state taxes.

Disruptions in the supply chain are causing unforeseeable job loss, a halt in production and placing Illinois in a questionable position of future endeavors. We believe a change in our economic competitiveness in the state would change the outcome of this future for the better.

Growth Dimensions Economic Development and Boone County leaders would like to partner with the State of Illinois to develop a competitive economic package to spur business growth, business retention and job creation in Illinois.

We implore you to reach out immediately to businesses that are at risk of exiting and those considering a move to Illinois, as other states offer more attractive economic incentive packages. These conversations simply cannot wait. Boone County and All of Illinois are relying on you to take immediate action.

Please reach out to Growth Dimensions Economic Development to discuss this initiative further at 815.547.4252 or by email at



Pamela Lopez-Fettes
Executive Director

Growth Dimensions Economic Development for Belvidere & Boone County, IL