Growth Dimensions Helps Businesses Start, Expand and Relocate in Boone County

Growth Dimensions Helps Businesses Start, Expand and Relocate in Boone County Main Photo

12 May 2021


The best economic development strategy for any community incorporates a focus on sustainability and growth. Economic Development Organizations (EDO) exist in their communities with the goal of promoting economic growth and development there. As the EDO for Boone County, Growth Dimensions has an array of tools and resources to assist a range of local community needs, from encouraging entrepreneurship and new businesses, to supporting existing businesses and attracting businesses to the area.

New Businesses

New businesses need tools and resources to get their start, along with continued support to stay in business as time progresses. An EDO is the guide startups need to navigate the process of creating a business. Growth Dimensions Economic Development has the community knowledge to help entrepreneurs start their business in Boone County. Knowledgeable staff exist to facilitate the connections necessary for small business development.  The following resources are just a few of those available in Boone County. More information on these and other resources can be found at the Growth Dimensions website.

In addition, staff can draw upon its familiarity with incentives at local, state and federal levels that make the startup phase possible. Loan and incentive programs for new businesses, such as the Community Service Block Grant, and others can be found here

Existing Businesses

Continued business success for established community businesses may require different strategies and assistance than for startups. Business Retention and Expansion (BR&E) is a typical economic development strategy of connecting with existing businesses within a community to understand their needs to drive actions promoting success. 

Growth Dimensions is dedicated to BR&E by developing and maintaining positive relationships between existing businesses and the Boone County community to enable business growth. That engagement is critical to address future issues that may impact their economies. Growth Dimensions understands the local business community and helps facilitate frequent communication paths between key players through networking opportunities to help all businesses build on the momentum of the group. One example is Growth Dimensions Economic Development’s Automotive Innovation Network, designed to help address workforce solutions, training challenges and supply chain efficiencies. Other services provided by Growth Dimensions Economic Development to facilitate existing business growth is a business directory, a local calendar of activities, and financing assistance. In addition, the Growth Dimensions’ Legislative Committee seeks to address legislative measures to gauge their potential impact on Boone County’s businesses. 

Taken together, these items help facilitate healthy competition, provide quality employment opportunities and stabilize local economic development, allowing businesses to stay, thrive and demonstrate their commitment to the Boone County community.

Business Attraction

Attracting new businesses is a vital aspect of maintaining a vibrant business community. A key factor in that attraction is a multi-phase, comprehensive marketing campaign. From showcasing existing available sites to promoting local success stories will highlight the local potential available. 

Growth Dimensions Economic Development proactively markets the Boone County community, consistently seeking to bring in new businesses. Its Business Development Committee promotes available sites and buildings to potential businesses, while acting as a conduit to developers, brokers and agents seeking to move into the area. Growth Dimensions Economic Development actively promotes the many significant advantages in the Boone County Enterprise, Opportunity and Foreign Trade Zones.

Yet nothing promotes new business attraction like stories of success by existing businesses. Read about some of the fantastic instances in Boone County here

Growth Dimensions is committed to business development covering all aspects of the business cycle, from startups, to retention, expansion and attraction. The professional staff and board members are available today to provide assistance and consultation services to help the Boone County businesses and overall community achieve their goals. Please contact Growth Dimensions for the assistance you need today!