Growth Dimensions Identifies Priorities for Education

7 Feb 2019


Growth Dimensions is committed to creating a competitive advantage for residents and business that are part of our community. We believe that investing in education and skill development for our region is an important part of our commitment.

Institutions of higher education are essential to our mission to support economic opportunity and personal growth for our community. In the past two-and-a-half years, we have seen a positive movement from our education providers to enhance programs and services in Boone County. As a result of key partnerships with our school districts, community college, technical colleges and universities, we are developing modern career pathways, providing night classes in the local community, and furthering the regional efforts to prioritize training in manufacturing and technology to meet our local employment needs.

Growth Dimensions believes Boone County’s economic development strategies will be best supported with the following educational priorities:

  • Educational and technical training that meets the current and future needs of the modern workforce;
  • A focus on educational and training programs that results in an increase in skill development and personal advancement;
  • Serve as a bridge between local employers and our K-12 institutions.

Growth Dimensions encourages partnerships with our education system and is available for further guidance.  Please contact Pamela Lopez-Fettes, Executive Director at (815) 547-4252 or


Growth Dimensions provides a progressive and cooperative environment, improving the quality of life by fostering economic opportunity and personal growth in Belvidere-Boone County. Growth Dimensions is advancing a coordinated economic development strategy to create jobs, promote community assets and stimulate capital investment through business retention and attraction efforts.

Contact Information:
Pamela Lopez-Fettes, Executive Director