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7 Dec 2013

State of Illinois Economic Development Plan

It is with great pleasure that I present to you, the 2014 State of Illinois Economic Development Plan. We traveled the state to listen to business owners, economic developers, educators and government officials in order to gain input and design a plan that addresses the key issues and opportunities facing all of our communities. 

We discovered that Illinois’ resilient economy is well positioned to build  on its strengths as a major hub for international commerce. To reach its potential, the state must nurture the foundational elements of the economy, offer more support to business, and ensure that all of our residents benefit from accelerating economic growth.

This plan lays out a clear vision to enable the state to continue to be a force in the global economy, to partner with the legislature to achieve these goals, and to enable economic stakeholders across the state to nurture promising industries, be more responsive to businesses, and help individuals prepare themselves for positions in the new economy.

To that end we identified seven key initiatives to achieve that goal:

  • Strengthen the state’s ongoing business attraction, retention and support initiatives
  • Promote economic development on a regional level
  • Develop an increasingly competitive workforce
  • Increase fairness and opportunity for distressed communities and the unemployed
  • Make Illinois a top destination for entrepreneurs
  • Implement a comprehensive statewide strategy to drive innovation
  • Modernize and revitalize our infrastructure

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To view or download the entire plan click here.  

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We thank you very much for your participation and look forward to working with you to enhance our business and economic development climate.

Very best regards,

Adam Pollet, DCEO Director