Collaborating with Private & Public Organizations

Collaborating with Private & Public Organizations Main Photo

19 Mar 2021

How is Growth Dimensions Economic Development Funded

Growth Dimensions Economic Development is supported and funded by private businesses and organizations, as well as public & governmental entities.



What Role do Investors Play?

Our investors directly impact Boone County's economic future and is critical to our continuing mission to promote Belvidere, Boone County and our region. Growth Dimensions continues to expand services to our business community through strategic partnerships, enhanced processes and access to to essential services and information. 

Our investors and partners also help market Boone County and the larger region as one of the nation's leading destinations for new opportunitites and expansion of existing businesses.

Is Growth Dimensions Economic Development a Part of the Government?

Growth Dimensions is not overseen by any governmental body or municipality.

Though we are not a government agency, we are honored to have numerous local governmental entities and municipalities provide continued support to Growth Dimensions and further initiatives vital to ensuring a vibrant and growing economy. Growth Dimensions takes the "team approach" with local leaders, officials and public investors to develop ongoing relationships with businesses, as well as to offer local and state benefits.