Restore Illinois

23 Oct 2020

With the new 11 region format, the Northern Stateline Economic Development region or (Region 1 under Restore) and Lake and McHenry Counties (Region 9) is now within two Restore Illinois regions.  Region 1 is currently under mitigation


Guidance documents and tool kits for Phase 4 can be found on our website here.  The FAQ’s that have been developed for Phase 4 have been updated with answers to more questions.  You can find this information on our website here.  The Illinois Department of Public Health also has numerous guidance documents and other information on their website at  Also, IDPH released guidance on Halloween activities.  You can find that guidance here.  Additionally, the Illinois Department of Finance and Professional Regulation has information and guidance for industries regulated by that office.  You can access their website here.  If you or anyone in your community has questions on these guidance documents or wants clarification on the guidelines, please don’t hesitate to reach out to the Department.