Our Role, Our Commitment, and Our Work During the COVID-19 Pandemic

30 Apr 2020

The role of economic development professionals in times of crisis is to Respond, Rebuild and Recover.  At Growth Dimensions, we are committed to bring business intelligence, resources and solutions to return to an economy that is thriving for years to come.
Here is what Growth Dimensions - Economic Development is doing:

Supporting the Public Health Response

Identifying and actively engaging with local health professionals to adhere to and provide best safety practices to businesses and organizations in and around Boone County.



Providing ongoing information and support to assist Boone County  businesses & organizations

Reaching out to local businesses to gauge their business needs, their workforce challenges, and the financial impact of COVID-19. Through this contact we are able to connect businesses with resources such as grants/loan, employment, safety.



Connecting current state and urgent needs with resources available

Identifying and connecting local and national companies with health care providers needing essential PPE equipment.

Facilitated a solution with the Belvidere YMCA and essential businesses who needed urgent child care. 




Connect Boone County community to resources available and provide guidance to obtain resources

Facilitating a platform for Boone County Leaders representing Government, Healthcare, Education, Businesses, and Community Based Organizations.  Together, leaders are working to develop unified communication, support, and solutions for recovery. 

Sharing best practices and guidelines for businesses vamping up their workforce and/or reopening their business.


Share insights using data and intelligence to educate the current and future State of the Economy. 

Sharing forecasting and industry insights with community leaders and through social media as they become available.  Growth Dimensions will continue to analyze the effects on key industry sectors to include the automotive, food processing and aerospace sectors.



Develop resources for recovery beyond the crisis

Engaging federal, local and state resources, to include financial institutions and the SBA, on options available for businesses.  Growth Dimensions hosted a webinar with the Small Business Administration and the Belvidere Area Chamber of Commerce, on financial options and further allocation in the future. 

Developing a webinar on safety in the workplace where you will hear from area businesses that have been applying new protocols to ensure a safe work environment.

Many of us want to know what is ahead.  What does our economy look like in the months and years ahead and how it affects our community?  The truth is that it is dependent on a number of factors that include trade agreements, foreign direct investments and the political environment.  At Growth Dimensions we will continue to weed through this information to provide you with forecasts and intelligence to help you make solid business decisions.   

For up to date information visit us on our website and social media pages. Our Staff is also accessible by email or by phone at 815-547-4252.
Thank you for your part in making BOONE COUNTY STRONG.

Pamela Lopez-Fettes