Michelle Courier, State’s Attorney For Boone County

Michelle Courier, State’s Attorney For Boone County Main Photo

11 May 2016

 Message from Michelle Courier, State’s Attorney for Boone County:

Over the last 7 years gang-related crime and crime in general in our area have dropped. Our community, our local law enforcement, and my office have worked together to make this happen.    

In the State’s Attorney’s Office, we have worked to ensure that Boone County has a reputation for being tough on crime.  We have aggressively and proactively prosecuted gangs.  We have sent drug dealers, child predators, and several murderers to prison.    We even ensured that drunk drivers are held accountable.

In addition to being tough on crime, we have a number of programs geared toward improving our community’s safety.   Our Bad Check Enforcement Program has helped local business owners and residents recover from those who intentionally write bad checks.  Our First Offender Program is designed for first-time, non-violent offenders.  This program holds the offender accountable and requires them to better themselves and our community through public service.  

Our SCRAM bracelets have provided us a means to ensure that high risk drunk drivers do not reoffend by monitoring alcohol consumption 24 hours a day, seven days a week.  The bracelets also help rehabilitate the offender by requiring them to remain sober.  As an added benefit, the taxpayers do not have to house the offenders in jail to ensure their sobriety.  During the first year alone, we saved approximately $150,000 of taxpayer money.    

Outside the office, we have continued to strengthen our community ties.  I created the Gang Task Force as a collaborative effort in the fight against gangs.   The Gang Task Force is led by local law enforcement, school, park, and other community leaders, and concerned area residents.   I also have chaired the Boone County Drug Prevention Coalition to work towards protecting our children against drugs, alcohol, and tobacco use.   The Coalition too is composed of law enforcement, school leaders, substance and health care providers, and other community leaders, and concerned area residents.  One of our biggest projects was the drug collection unit, located in the Public Safety Building, where residents can now dispose of unwanted prescriptions at any time. 

In the future, we hope to continue to build on our community ties and work together with our local law enforcement to keep our community safe.