Diana Dykstra Receives Credentials By International Local Government Management Organization

Diana Dykstra Receives Credentials By International Local Government Management Organization Main Photo

30 Oct 2015

local government management professionals currently credentialed through the ICMA Voluntary Credentialing Program.

ICMA’s mission to create excellence in local governance by promoting progessional management worldwide and increasing the proficiency of appointed chief administrative officers, assistant administrators, and other employees who serve local governments and regional entities around the world. The organization’s nearly 9,000 members in 27 countries also include educators, students, and other local government employees.

To receive the prestigious ICMA credential, a member must have significant experience as a senior management executive in local government, have earned a degree, preferably in public administration or a related field; and demonstrated a commitment to high standards of integrity and to lifelong learning and professional development.

“We are very happy that Diana has achieved her Credentialed Manager designation and congratulate her for this prestigious accomplishment. Diana will provide professional practices and oversight established by the ICMA that will benefit our residents and community,” Village President John Neitzel states.

Diana Dystra is qualified with over twenty years of professional government executive experience. Prior to her appointment in the Village of Poplar Grove as Administrator, she served as Administrator for the Village of Darien, as City Clerk for the City of Lake Geneva, and as elected Village President for the Village of Sharon, Wisconsin. In addition to her local government experience, she worked with US Congressman Paul Ryan and former Congressman Mark Neumann.

For more information regarding the ICMA Voluntary Credentialing Program, contact Jeneese Jackson at ICMA, 777 North Capitol Street, N.E., #500, Washington, D.C. 20002-4201; 202-962-3556 jackson@icma.org;

About the ICMA:

ICMA, the International City/Council Management Association, advances progessional local government worldwide. The organization’s mission is to create excellence in local governance by developing and fostering the progessional management to build sustainable communities that improve people’s lives. ICMA provides member support; publication; data and information; peer and results-oriented assistance; and training and progessional development to 9,000 city, town, and county experts and other individuals and organizations throughout the world. The management descisions made by ICMA’s members affect millions of people in thousands of communities, from small viallages and towns to large metropolitan areas.