The Legislative Committee will review items that positively or adversely affect the economic well-being of the economy and/or businesses in the region. Items may include existing, draft or proposed legislation.

The goal of Growth Dimensions Economic Development Legislative Committee is to address past, current and proposed legislative measures at a local, state and national level to gauge potential impacts on Boone County's businesses, residents and community.


riverfront walking pathBusiness Development

The purpose of this committee is to create a climate for attracting businesses to Boone County.

Growth Dimensions' Business Development Committee works to promote Boone County's available sites and buildings to potential and existing businesses. It also acts as a conduit to developers, brokers and agents who are looking to move or expand into Boone County, Illinois. Furthermore, this committee is focuses internationally to bring needed resources to the area and to local factories and distributors.

highwayInvestor Relations

The purpose is to provide overall responsibility for the operation and administration of Growth Dimensions’ Portfolio.

• Adopt and periodically reviewing and revising investment policy.
• Monitoring the performance of investment funds.
• Championing the organization through identification of prospects and returns on investment.


riverfront walking pathCommunity Development

The purpose of this committee is to create a climate that promotes the retention and expansion of businesses in Boone County.

• Assess and respond to the current and future needs of businesses.

• Develop a better system to connect businesses with resources which address their human resource needs and increase their overall capital.

• Develop a platform to highlight our regions assets and quality of life.

• Promote services, products, and business recognition through marketing outlets.