Emerging Leaders Boot Camp

Emerging Leaders Boot Camp

October 16, 2018 @ 9:00 am – October 17, 2018 @ 4:00 pm
NIU Conference Center
1120 E Diehl Rd
Naperville, IL 60563
$899 per person
Emily Lee

Announcing the Emerging Leaders Boot Camp, preparing new and emerging leaders to successfully transition into a supervisory role.

October 16 & 17  |  9:00am – 4:00pm

What’s your leadership style? How do you leverage your personal strengths for organizational success?

Position yourself for success as a leader with the new interactive two-day Emerging Leaders Boot Camp. 

The new series focuses on:

  • Assessing and understanding your personality with the DiSC Personality Assessment
  • Developing your ability to drive change and create strategy alignment
  • Becoming a critical thinker through effective problem solving
  • Accessing tools to successfully communicate as a leader and coach for peak performance
  • Understanding how to address workplace conflict and build trust among the team
  • Recognizing the techniques required to work as a high performing and engaged team

Registration includes:

  • 2 full days of interactive training
  • DiSC Personality Profile – Individual detailed report about your personality and behavior. You’ll also receive tips related to working with people of other styles.
  • 2 hours of individualized, follow-up coaching

The skills developed through the Emerging Leaders Boot Camp will equip new and emerging leaders to confidently assume their supervisory responsibilities.  This training will help retain strong employees as they transition to leadership opportunities. 

Topics covered include:

  • DiSC Personality Profile – Informs you of your style and how you behave with and react to others, and helps you understand how to improve relationships with other people and improve your productivity. The DiSC is completed prior to training, allowing participants to receive a full profile assessment and individual feedback on Day 1.
  • Driving Change – Discusses changes, how to manage them effectively and understand the importance of change.
  • Communicating for Leadership Success – Introduces leaders to the essential interaction skills that are critical to leadership success
  • Working as a High Performance Team –  Focuses on the importance of working as a team, and how to involve, support and share information with their teammates.
  • Motivating Others – Addresses how internal and external motivation impacts our behaviors.
  • Difficult Conversations – Helping new leaders to productively address conflict or problems.
  • Delegation – Introduces delegation as a tool for motivation and how to successfully delegate to team members.
  • Employee Engagement – Learn the benefits of an engaged workforce and how to promote ongoing engagement.
  • Action Items/Goal Setting – Based on learning in the training, each leader sets their personal next steps.

Who should attend?

  • Supervisors seeking to increase their effectiveness
  • Supervisors without formal leadership preparation
  • New supervisors, team leads, line leads
  • Emerging leaders – staff who show interest and ability to become a leader
  • Leader transitioning from being a team member to the team supervisor

Cost: $899 per person; registration includes 2 full days of training, DiSC Personality Profile, 2 hours of coaching plus daily breakfast and lunch

Registration Deadline: September 21, 2018  – allows time for completion and processing of individual DiSC assessments

Sponsor: IMEC

PresenterMary Hallock and Ashley Beaudoin,  IMEC Technical Specialists

Visit https://www.imec.org/event/chicago-emerging-leaders-boot-camp-102018/  to register for event.

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